Drywall & Plastering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Atlantic Drywall?

We have been a family owned and operated business for over twenty years. We are fast, friendly, insured, certified, environmentally friendly, and we guarantee our work. We use only the finest products with the ultimate goal of a flawless drywall finish, not just for right here and now but for the foreseeable future.


How do I hire the right drywaller?

The answer to that question is worth its own page. See How to Choose A Drywall Contractor.


What areas do you service?

We service the majority of the Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts areas. We are based out of Kittery, Maine and have no problem making a bit of a drive getting to your project.


Do you guarantee your work?

100%. If there's a defect, which is a rarity for us, we guarantee we will fix it.


Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured and our workers are all covered with workmans compensation insurance.


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What are the benefits of your corner bead system?

No-Coat's corner bead and off-angle system is a new revolutionary way of producing a perfect finish while preventing any possible failure in the future. The old metal corner bead system regularly caused failures over time while the no-coat corner bead system aims are preventing any corner or off-angle failures.


I have an old house with horse hair plaster that is badly in need of repair. What are my options?

We offer plenty of solutions in this situation that can save you money so that you don't have to gut and demolition the old walls and ceilings. Solutions include fixing with Structo-Lite plaster, hanging new wallboard over the old plaster for a brand new finish, or repairing with joint compound. Please contact us for more information.


I have textured ceilings that I want smooth, can you help?

Absolutely. This can be a very tedious and tiring process. Atlantic Drywall has mastered the art of turning a textured ceiling into a smooth one at a fair and affordable price.


I have a textured ceiling that is in need of repair, can you help?

We can also help in this situation. We have experience with many different types of textures and in most situations can help in blending your ceiling back to normal.


What's a Level-5 Finish?

A Level-5 Finish is when the entirety of the wallboard is skim-coated with a material (whether joint compound, plaster, tuff-hide, et al.) creating a flawless and perfect finish. It is recommended in areas where severe lighting exists but it can be used anywhere depending on the finish you are looking for.


We want you to use a primer / paint that we didn't see listed on your website. Can you accommodate this?

Yes we can. Atlantic Drywall has experience using all mass-produced primers and finish paints. Just let us know what primer or paint you want used and we will use it.


We have mold and mildew problems. Do you offer solutions for this?

This can be caused by a multitude of reasons and Atlantic Drywall has solutions for these problems. We offer a wide variety of mold and mildew resistant drywall as well as using mold and mildew inhibitors in our paint.


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Do you offer any solutions on keeping noise down room to room or apartment to apartment?

Yes, Atlantic Drywall offers various Sound / Noise Proofing or Sound Deadening Solutions. One of the most popular solutions is known as Green Glue. We offer a variety of other Noise Proofing Solutions as well. Please contact us for more information.


Can you help us save money on finish painting?

We can help you save a lot of time, energy, and money by finish painting your project. Please contact us for more information.